Shawna brought back our faith in humanity.

“Shawna is truly an amazing person, she is not judgmental.  Our predicament was very bad .. she even told us that she didn’t know how we “survived” for so long.  We are “fighters”.  She fought for us.  There are not many people that one can truly trust anymore… however, Shawna brought back our faith in humanity.  Once admitting we needed help, we searched the good old internet.  Shawna’s name came up repeatedly.  Reviews were fantastic.  How could we go wrong?  We didn’t.  Response was within hours and from that moment on, our lives changed.  We are so thankful that Shawna was so great at what she does.  Please contact her.  We recommended her to many family and friends.  Thanks again Shawna!

Ben and Carm – April 2014

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