Saskatoon Mortgage Broker (Shawna MacDonald) to donate 10% of Income to Fort McMurray!!

Shawna MacDonald – Facebook – May 9, 2016

I have not stopped thinking about the families who where so devastated by the fire in Fort McMurray. Feeling so blessed with all we have I have decided to help out a little more. With the help of my clients and referral partners I have decided that any new file that funds in the month of May …I WILL DONATE 10% of my income to Fort McMurray. A couple lender partners have also decided to match my donation ….THEN…the Govt will match it as well. SO…we triple or donation!!!

Please let me know if you know anyone that has a mortgage up for renewal or if you know anyone in the market to buy. There are no fees to use my services. EVERYONE CAN HELP!!

Lets make a difference together.


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