Saskatoon Mortgage Broker shares article on young Canadians paying off their mortgages

Mortgage burning party anyone?  Three young Canadians on how they paid it off

Article by Melissa Leong, Financial Post, June 7, 2014

“My husband and I would talk regularly about our goal of owning our home debt-free. We’d be in our 30s and we’d be “Mortgage Freeman,” we said.

It turns out that there are many roads to becoming “Mortgage Freeman.” We both refinanced our rental properties and used the cash to purchase a modest home outside of the city outright; we’re technically not free of mortgages but at least our principal residence is paid off.

It takes a strategy, tough choices and some sacrifice to be mortgage-free in your 30s.”

To read the stories and strategies of three young Canadians about their determined efforts to burn their mortgages, click here.



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