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Avoid mistakes that can derail selling a house

Article by Scott Bollinger, Edmonton Journal, August 11, 2014

“Are the neighbours nice?

What’s the kids’ favourite spot to play? What repairs have you made? What does THIS thing do? How long does it take to get to the airport? Really, that quick? Well, what about in rush hour?

No one’s better able to answer those and a million other buyers’ questions than you. You can be a font of wisdom and confidence and expertise, the ideal person to advocate for your biggest asset.

But there are some common mistakes, errors we see in the real estate industry every day, that could make you, let’s say … the less-than-best person.

Beautiful pictures, a thoughtful comparative market analysis, a smartly worded MLS listing, great exposure through Internet real estate sites and your own social networks: the power of all of those can be diminished by sale-repelling errors.

Let’s start with the most routine mistake: clutter. Many homesellers assume that buyers will overlook clutter and mess and train their mind’s eye on their home’s potential. You have to tidy up – even your storage spaces. Mess prompts stress in prospective buyers, and that’s bad news for the deal.”

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