Saskatoon Mortgage Broker shares article on home ownership obstacles

What’s The Biggest Obstacle To Homeownership?

Article by Forbes Magazine, January 2, 2015

“It seems homeownership is still a critical component of the American Dream. According to a Trulia survey, even in 2011 — when the market was volatile and uncertain — 65 percent of young adult consumers said they still considered owning a home a part of their life goals. In a more recent study, that number rose to 78 percent.

And yet, while it remains important for the vast majority of Americans to own a home, there are some major obstacles. According to the survey, renters looking to buy a home in the near future cited the following barriers:

– Saving enough for a down payment

– Having a poor credit history

– Qualifying for a mortgage

– Rising home prices

– Unable to pay off existing debt

– Not having a stable job

– Rising mortgage rates

– Limited inventory”

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