Saskatoon Mortgage Broker shares article – City Growth Plan promises rapid transit, core development

By Lasia Kretzel –March 9, 2016


Faster, easier transit and greater development in core neighbourhoods are the two primary goals for Saskatoon planners as the city prepares to grow to half a million people.

In a presentation seven years in the making, on Wednesday planning and development director Allan Wallace offered the first glimpse of the 30-year Growth Plan to Half a Million, which focuses primarily on urban infill and effective transportation.

The plan includes creating a near-even split between growing suburbs and core neighbourhood infill. Right now urban infill makes up 15 per cent of the city’s total development..

Wallace said the city could access up to 1,000 acres of undeveloped land within Circle Drive, including the bus yards and University of Saskatchewan endowment lands.

“It’s like having two full neighbourhoods inside circle drive,” he said. “The fact that (the university) wants to develop that in an urban way will really help us balance growth.”

Garden and garage suite bylaws will also be examined to encourage redevelopment.

Outside the inner core within Circle Drive, new neighbourhoods will be developed in the Blairmore, University Heights, and Holmwood areas. Those developments will focus on smaller, contained communities where residents have quick access to employment, shopping, and connection to the downtown core.
Upgrades to and construction of new water and sewer systems are also included in the plan.

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