Testimonials About Shawna

“I recently joined the The Mortgage Associates team as Assistant to Shawna and it has been nothing but an incredible experience! Shawna is an amazing Mortgage Broker whose office is located in Saskatoon. The passion that she has for her job is very admirable. She will do anything she possibly can to help a client get the best mortgage for them! I have seen her spend numerous hours on the phone with clients, emailing them, and meeting with them to make sure they are comfortable with the entire process. She always goes above and beyond to take care of her clients. I am beyond honored to be a part of the Mortgage Associates team and to work closely with Shawna! When it comes to those closest to me, I always recommend Shawna because I know that she will take them under her wing and make sure they are taken care of. If you are looking for someone who will fight to get you the best mortgage possible and who will ensure you are taken care of every step of the way then Shawna is definitely who I would recommend!”

Ashlyn Yablonski

“This was absolutely the most amazing mortgage experience that I have had in my entire life. Shawna was very professional, open and upfront, and has the most amazing outgoing friendly personality. I work in an industry where the guest experience is the absolute most important and this is very apparent that she has the same views in her position. She answered any questions that we had and was extremely helpful in the process. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering purchasing a home to contact her. I will be letting everyone I talk to know about the positive experience that we have had and how effortless she made everything seem for us from start to finish.”

Carol Welden

“Near the end of August,2013 my wife and I were interested in buying our first home, and one came up on the market in our small town just outside Saskatoon. I looked online and looked at reviews and got a good feeling about Shawna and The Mortgage Group. I phoned and spoke to her assistant Michelle Taylor. The 2 of them helped us through everything patiently and thoroughly. We were able to phone them anytime and either one of them was there for us right away. They also have a great, competent staff that were quick and efficient at following up with us or getting any information for us. Whether this is your first home or your tenth, you can’t go wrong at all with going with Shawna and Michelle and Natasha and the rest of the awesome staff that works/helps at The Mortgage Group. The greatest part about once your with this group, that even after you’ve finished everything they are really and truly there for you all the time, we had a issue a month after we moved in and contacted Shawna and she was in there helping us out right away on a Friday afternoon, not stopping until we felt comfortable and satisfied that the problem was rectified. When our term comes up for renewal we’ll be going back and probably getting the same incredible comforting service we had the first time. Her resources are endless and her effort is ongoing forever, so be smart and give Shawna and her group a call, you won’t regret it at all. Good Luck with your venture.”

Willy B

“Where do I begin to describe the professional but casual vibe Shawna delivers to her clients? We first met Shawna 6 years ago when purchasing our first home, just the luck of the draw with picking someone out of the phone book. She worked for us, her client, every step of the way, even telling us not to worry she was going to have someone come do an appraisal over a holiday weekend when we hit a red flag. During the next five years, I e-mailed her a few times as rates dropped. When we decided to sell and build our new home, she was the first call I made. She explained all the options, and even suggested we save money by putting pressure on our builder to do a completion rather than builders mortgage. What I thought would be a 6 month processed, turned into almost a year, and every step of the way Shawna was letting us know how the rates were, answering any questions we had, and following up with us on a regular basis. I have never questioned my referrals to Shawna. I think she is a great asses to Saskatoon and area home owners and I can’t see how anyone could possible to be disappointed by her or her service she provides her clients.”

Jennifer Jungwirth

“We are now renewing our mortgage for the second time with Shawna. We have a rental property and our primary residence and Shawna is always one step ahead of what we think we want and she makes it happen. She makes it very easy to understand what is happening. Thank You Shawna!!!!!!”

Celise Treimans

“Shawna was a pleasure to deal with when going through the process of buying our first home. We bought at a difficult time (during Christmas), but she still made herself available to us from her cabin while she was on holidays. She made sure to find us the best rates and find the best fit for a realtor. We would recommend using Shawna when you buy a house, just pick a better time of the year so it is less stressful.”

Michael Baran

“This will be the first review I have EVER published, typically it doesn’t seem necessary, but the professionalism and service we received deserves to be recognized. My boyfriend and I started to look for our first home around four months ago, we first went to our local bank branch and checked out options before we found Shawna. We are so thankful that we called her because we did not feel comfortable with the appointment we had initially elsewhere. I work within the Mortgage and Real Estate industry and on a personal level we have been so happy with the service received, and on a professional level I can tell they know they’re stuff and they really care. They treat you like a client.. not a number.. a rarity among this profession. Shawna and her staff were glad to answer my numerous emails and telephone calls with what probably were trivial questions, although nor my boyfriend or I ever felt that It was a problem to just ask Shawna or Michelle (amazing staff member at TMG). We now have a firm deal in place and are just waiting to move in! Thanks again Shawna and staff for all of your help in making this experience fun, and painless!”

Shannon Williams

“If you are thinking of buying a home, do yourself a huge favour and contact Shawna as soon as possible… She is no doubt one of the best mortgage brokers in the country, and is determined to get exactly what you need at a rate that you’d never guess was possible. Shawna is dedicated to her clients and it shows in spades! I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Shawna a couple of times, and have referred my friends and family across the country to her as well (they have all raved about their dealings with her). I have always had 110% service and beyond from Shawna, no matter what. During my recent home purchase, she even took my file with her when she went on holidays to make sure my paperwork was processed asap and wow, was it ever! Shawna is a down to earth, hard working professional woman, who cares about her clients and is on top of all the mortgage news and issues that are relevant to home owners and those considering a home purchase. I have no hesitations in recommending her to anyone. Thank you so much Shawna, you are always welcome at my new home!”

Marnie Cook

“Shawna was a lifesaver for us! We live in Montreal and we found our dream home and began checking mortgage rates with bank and local lenders. Then a friend told us that a mortgage broker could do all that work for us, searching for the lenders without all of the hassle. In the end, Shawna found us a lender who gave us a much better rate than we thought possible. I had no idea buying a home could be so simple. Thank you again Shawna! We will be contacting you again when our mortgage comes up for renewal.”

Ian Nelson

“I appreciate Shawna for helping me to get mortgage at reasonable interest rate. When we started the search to purchase a home, she provided all professional suggestions to get good deal. She was always in contact with me during time of home search and provided the estimate for fluctuation in economic conditions and interest rates. She fix interest rate for my mortgage before it increases. I am very thankful for her services. I am satisfied with services provided by her and her staff members. I would highly recommend her to all who are looking for a mortgage.”

Amarjit Mahil

“We worked with Shawna in 2013 and it was absolutely amazing. She is so friendly and made everything so easy for us. We always thought you should go through a bank for your mortgage but quickly found out that the banks rates and the amount you were approved for were nothing compared to what a mortgage broker can do for you. By working with Shawna we were able to get our dream home built. We highly recommend Shawna.”

Amber Neuberger

“Shawna and her staff made our mortgage experience effortless. We were very pleased with the mortgage we received and when some rough spots were encountered, Shawna had our back. If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable broker that really works for your best interest, look no further!”

Jens Vik